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To be a security guard does not only mean that you have to strong physically. It is just one of the components. Security guards are people that are hired in order to ensure the safety of a certain individual, business, or other institutions.

They are classified as armed, unarmed or operational theater. All of them have the task to do and that is to protect but they differ in certain areas.

Armed guards are allowed to carry weapons and firearms as long they are properly equipped of the information on how to use them and are licensed. This kind of security guard is hired by private entity or other establishment that requires deadly force.

Unarmed personnel is not allowed to carry weapons or any firearms as what its name indicates. All they carry is their radio for the purpose of easy communication. They are often hired to guard malls, warehouses, clubs, and other institutions that are not too dangerous. Operational theater guards are trained thoroughly for they face perilous situations and work with military operations as well. These guards are often sent to war zones.

Each classification differs in the requirements, training, courses offered and certificates. Trainings and other courses need not to be taken by someone who desires to be an unarmed security guard as long as it is not required by the company he or she is applying to.

For armed and operational theater guards, extensive and specific security guard training and courses are needed to be completed especially when it comes to the right handling of their firearms and situations. In order to be a licensed security guard, there is a mandatory exam for you to take.

The exam will help evaluate if you are qualified to have such career depending on your skills and characters. You will answer test questions that can help determine your strength and weaknesses as well as the part of your personality you might need to work on.

The test for security officers is composed of 3 kinds of 3 categories mainly self-assessment, scenarios and interactive. For the scenarios category, there are specific situations given and you will answer according to what you are going to do if ever you encounter such situation. With self-assessment questions, you have to specify on what level of the given statement relate to you.

Specific objects or images will be drawn or shown which you need to recognize and classify to test how you focus on details. It is necessary to read every instruction carefully before answering for it is your career that is at stake. You have to answer each question with full honesty in order for you to be consistent whether you’ll be asked orally or using questionnaires.

There are some matters on the test that are intended to test how honest you are in answering the test so never put untrue answers. Snapshot report, an interpretation of one of your test scores, and a graph will be given after the test to give you an idea of the result. You may or may not acquire the whole result.

For an agency who that hires a security guard, it is just likely to make sure that the credibility of the security guard it will hire has nothing to be questioned. It is just expected for it to prefer those who are licensed and have undergone trainings.

Clients hire the services of security guards to ensure their safety that is why credibility of the security guard really matters. To help aspiring security guards, there are information available online and guide that they can read before taking the exam so that they have some overview and preparations.



Security Officer Training
Alabama - Armed
Alaska - Armed
Arizona - Armed
Arkansas - Armed
California - Armed
Colorado - Armed
Connecticut - Armed
Delaware - Armed
District of Columbia
District of Columbia - Armed
Florida - Armed
Georgia - Armed
Idaho - Armed
Illinois - Armed
Indiana - Armed
Iowa - Armed
Kansas - Armed
Kentucky - Armed
Louisiana - Armed
Maine - Armed
Maryland - Armed
Massachusetts - Armed
Michigan - Armed
Minnesota - Armed
Mississippi - Armed
Missouri - Armed
Montana - Armed
Nebraska - Armed
Nevada - Armed
New Hampshire
New Hampshire - Armed
New Jersey
New Jersey - Armed
New Mexico
New Mexico - Armed
New York
New York - Armed
North Carolina
North Carolina - Armed
North Dakota
North Dakota - Armed
Ohio - Armed
Oklahoma - Armed
Oregon - Armed
Pacific Islands
Pacific Islands - Armed
Pennsylvania - Armed
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico - Armed
Rhode Island
Rhode Island - Armed
South Carolina
South Carolina - Armed
South Dakota
South Dakota - Armed
Tennessee - Armed
Texas - Armed
Utah - Armed
Vermont - Armed
Virginia - Armed
Washington - Armed
West Virginia
West Virginia - Armed
Wisconsin - Armed
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